Oil Painting – Color phase

Now we will move onto the color phase, where the color will be applied over the top of the underpainting.

The main goal of this phase would be to lay in the color. The final touch ups and wrapping up the painting will occur in the next phase.

To start off, the canvas gets oiled in, so that the original colors get brought back out. This is done because the paint should be dry from the previous underpainting phase. Once that oils seep in, it is time to apply the colors.

For this painting, I put in more reds for the darker portion, applied where the shadows are, with the exception of the hair. For the lights, a flesh tone is used, with a mix of yellow ochre. There is also some whites applied here, to reduce saturation and to create a light tone in the paniting. Going back and forth from darks and the lights, the color slowly is apparent.
Despite the application of colors to move the painting towards complete, there is still a heavy emphasis on making sure that the area where the light hits the face is. This is achieved with the mix of flesh tone that I use.
Finally some color is applied to the eye. A purplish mix is applied to the eyes, as the model here has blue eyes. Obviously this is very subtle, and probably will not show up in the thumbnail below.
Once the color has been applied to the underpainting, we have the below result.


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