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Why I Draw

Welcome to the new look of Recess Ink! I would call it 2.0, but this is always a work in progress, so hopefully my viewers will bear with me as we progress along.

I have been really churning more work this year, and have started to get into a flow of things. There have been times where I was on and off in the past, but lately have been showing more consistency in practice and completing overall work.

After some thought, while not an epiphany, I think the reason for the move towards this is I just realized I like drawing.

I just like it, what else can I say?

Yes, there are times where it does start to feel like a grind. Sometimes, I do ask myself, “What is the purpose of all this labor?”. There’s no financial gain here (yet), and there are many other skills that would be worth more in the job market. But yet, through all of this, I just flat out enjoy drawing.

I just like the feeling of pencil to paper, and bonus points if I can do this while listening to music (sometimes this is hard to do when you have kids) I like the smell of the pencils, the smell of wet ink, and the coffee stains in the morning on my paper because I’m a sloppy drinker.

People like to hear redemption stories, but this one really is not it. Don’t call it comeback.

Welcome to the new look Recess Ink.

Oil painting (part 1)

This blog has been a bit lacking in the explanation department, so starting with this post I will start detailing a bit more of my process.

Starting off would be the below painting that I did for a class, link Tom fluharty class.

The painting was divided into 4 parts: the drawing phase, the underpainting phase, color phase and the adjustment phase.

Starting with the drawing phase, the goal was to capture the likeness of the below picture on paper to transfer to the board.

I focused a lot on structure for this phase, as I know I was still lacking in some departments in terms of structure. Overall fairly happy with the results, though the eyes still come difficult for me.

Ultimately the focus on structure caused me to overlook some of the tones, which I eventually revised.

More to come in the underpainting phase.